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Free Online Multiplayer Interactive Games
Welcome to Free Online Multiplayer Interactive Games
This website is not a general site about computer games or online gaming. It is a directory dedicated to free multi-player webgames. What's that? Well, in short :
> The games you will find on this site are absolutely FREE to play. Nothing to pay, ever. Enjoy !
> The games are all multi-player. The Web allows you to play with thousands of people from all over the world, so why would you want to play alone? ;-)
> The games were designed to be played right in your web browser. No plug-ins are needed, and you don't need to download and install anything on your computer.
Site Contents
> Games DirectoryThe way to the games! The games are categorized (RPGs, cards & board games, strategy & war games, sports, other) to make your search easier if you are looking for something in particular. Play right now, it's just a click away!
> Links pageLinks to other online gaming sites, featuring games we don't have in our index (either single-player, commercial or requiring plug-ins or software).
Our 'links' page also has a section for our visitors! If you have a web site and want people to know about it, just ask for a link to your site here! It doesn't have to be about games, and, of course, it's free. There is also a Fun&Free section, with links to Free stuff, contests, fun web services, and more.
> Featured free and
   open source games
NEW A short list of interesting freeware and open source games. It goes a bit beyond the purpose of this website, as you have to download and install them to play these games, but they are free to download and free to play, they are good and fun, so we thought you might agree they are worth playing.
> ForumThe forum is here for you. You can use it to share information about games, search for other people wishing to play with you online, or ask questions.
> Chat RoomA cool and fast Java chat room where you can chat live with other people visiting this site and interested in online games! A service provided by Bravenet Web services.
> Help/FAQAny questions? Check the FAQ, or ask us!
> Link to us! You have a Web site, a personal page? You like our site? Link to us with text links, buttons or banners!
> Contact usIf you want to contact us for questions, suggestions or other, please use these links : [ Add a game ]  [ Feedback/Questions ]  [ Add a link ]
> CreditsPeople and services who made this site possible.
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Last updates :                                
Oct-30-2011 : New fully functional forum added, visit it here.
Jan-23-2011 : We added a small list of freeware and open source games. It goes a bit beyond the purpose of this website, as you have to download and install them to play them, but the games are free, nice and fun, and we thought you might be interested.
Jan-16-2011 : Happy New Year! Added 2 new games: Ludopolis and WW2 The Big One.
Nov-06-2010 : The strategy/war games page has been updated (added a few games, removed dead links).
Oct-31-2010 : Added Virtual Utopia, and New 1000 A.D., two nice strategy games (see the strategy/war games page), and a few links.
Oct-11-2009 : A few games added in several categories.
Mar-15-2008 : A good number of new games have been added in all categories.
Oct-15-2007 : New site design. More games coming soon.
March-11-2006 : Strategy/war games page fully updated, new games added. More games coming soon.
Oct-30-2005 : Updated the RPG page.
Oct-10-2005 : Alive again! New server, no more annoying pop-ups. Links will be updated and new games will be added soon.
Sept-27-2002 : A new site update, finally! Sorry for the long time, but we had a lot of things to do in 'real life' (moving places, holidays, work and such). Today we added 12 strategy/war games, 6 rpgs, 1 sports game, 1 multi-games site, and 2 other games. A few links were updated too.
July-28-2002 : We just wanted to let you know that this site is not 'dead', despite the lack of recent updates. For personal reasons we didn't have the time to change the site for the last 2 months. We have a LOT of new games waiting to be added, but it will not be possible until the 20th of August (sorry about that). In the meantime, we can only suggest that you try a few games you have not played yet... See you in 3-4 weeks for a HUGE update. And sorry for the delay!
May-26-2002 : Today we added 22 new games or game sites!! A lot of them are strategy and war games, but we also added 5 role-playing games, multi-games sites and a sports game, as well as a new game in 'other games' category. Have fun! The links page has been updated too.
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